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  1. BlackKravitz

    Multi Ue 5: new demo

    https://twitter.com/Yurukuyaru/status/1523643949826588674?t=yHTrqUMOvlnzNMXWr0b2ag&s=09 Unreal Engine 5 is absolutely nuts. Holy shit. Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. BlackKravitz

    CW Sony sotto inchiesta per acquisizione di bungie

    https://twitter.com/jasonschreier/status/1522316335857946626?t=1jWlLXeJ4NY2Oak8sgufbA&s=19 Scoop: [emoji452] [emoji1998]The FTC is diving deeper into the video game industry, opening a probe of Sony's $3.6b deal for Bungie, the studio behind first person shooter Destiny. It follows the in depth...
  3. BlackKravitz

    Series X Ultimo artwork dei playground

    https://twitter.com/ConarCross/status/1521216956564709378?t=CKiWtMwR4AYdtNOrU48D2A&s=19 Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. BlackKravitz

    CW Chip shortage

    https://twitter.com/VGC_News/status/1521114656420646913?s=20&t=Z0NGX0pslbWMCRQSa4dFCw Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  5. BlackKravitz

    CW Ue5. Coalition tech demo

    https://youtu.be/KRK2opnBJcc Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  6. BlackKravitz

    CW Sony acquista from software?

    https://twitter.com/JoeMiller101/status/1509648109600755713?t=gnsJONyrjeFqvUrsWAg6NA&s=09 BREAKING: PlayStation has officially (internally) acquired From Software Studios from Kadokawa Corporation. They will announce it tomorrow. if not announced tomorrow then wait for tomorrows...
  7. BlackKravitz

    CW Gow ragnarock rimandato? - pare di no

    https://twitter.com/DomsPlaying/status/1508813602580480016?s=20&t=rkrXhaSwLrHp0tOWOMVEng That feeling when the sequel to Breath of the Wild and God of War Ragnarok could (and I think will) target the same quarter during 2023.. https://t.co/caWNwu7doD Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  8. BlackKravitz

    Multi New the Witcher su Ue 5

    https://twitter.com/shinobi602/status/1505945570309025792?t=_r4wyCFUghnvzBgwvfg1gg&s=19 CD Projekt RED announces a new Witcher game is officially in development, being built on Unreal Engine 5 More: https://t.co/jeSkAPBZjU https://t.co/mKDNjCWVH7 Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  9. BlackKravitz

    UFFICIALE Amazon compra mgm

    https://www.theverge.com/2022/3/17/22979800/amazon-mgm-merger-completed-prime-studios Amazon’s purchase of MGM for $8.45 billion is complete, without a public response from the FTC on whether or not it will challenge the deal. Reports have suggested for months that the FTC was considering a...
  10. BlackKravitz

    Series X MLB the show 22 on game pass D1

    https://twitter.com/XboxGamePass/status/1488196036958961667?t=TpnE3bcTM-u2_uQDMBCAXA&s=19 MLB The Show 22 launches day one with Xbox Game Pass on April 5. Shohei Ohtani’s 2021 season was one for the ages. Hitting 46 home runs, 100 RBIs, and stealing 26 bases while also having a 9-2 record on...
  11. BlackKravitz

    Che musica state ascoltando?

    Die antwood
  12. BlackKravitz

    Halo: TV series

    https://youtu.be/mfBhSsYCYqk Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  13. BlackKravitz

    Series X Blizzard new survival game

    https://twitter.com/Nibellion/status/1486039889187594241?t=gER1R4chLKQJTnheFkpcOA&s=19 Blizzard is embarking on our next quest. We are going on a journey to a whole new universe, home to a brand-new survival game for PC and console. A place full of heroes we have yet to meet, stories yet to be...
  14. BlackKravitz

    Multi CW Hitman Trilogy sul pass. 20/01/22

    Hitman Trilogy announced Available on January 20 for PS4/5, XBO, XSX/S, EGS, Steam Also available on Xbox (and PC) Game Pass on January 20 HITMAN 3 - Year 2 Reveal Stream https://t.co/pIN7MAsDBi https://twitter.com/Nibellion/status/1481630461516464131?t=HBp2BmHCJhcF0GccZNU3XA&s=19 Inviato...
  15. BlackKravitz

    PS5 CW L'upgrade? A pago.

    http://www.spaziogames.it/uncharted-4-e-stato-rimosso-dallo-store-e-lupgrade-ps5-e-a-pagamento/ I due titoli sono stati inseriti in un nuovo bundle, che viene venduto su PlayStation Store per €40. Vi ricordiamo che Uncharted: Raccolta l’Eredità dei Ladri sarà invece venduto a €50 circa. In...
  16. BlackKravitz

    CW God of war arriva su Pc

    https://gameplay.cafe/articoli/god-of-war-arriva-su-pc-ufficiale/ Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  17. BlackKravitz

    News Ride 4: il trailer più fotorealistico di sempre

    https://www.tomshw.it/videogioco/ps5-un-gioco-italiano-e-talmente-bello-da-vedere-che-viene-scambiato-per-vero/?amp Più vero del vero. Altro che altri giochi Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  18. BlackKravitz

    News Kojima su xbox?

    https://www.videogiochi.com/kojima-esclusiva-xbox-primi-dettagli/ Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  19. BlackKravitz

    Series X Starfield. Only next gen

    https://twitter.com/shinobi602/status/1430961531999723522?s=19 #Starfield - Insight into some of its locations: The "pleasure city" of Neon, the United Colonies capital city of New Atlantis, and capital of the Freestar Collective, Akila. Neon: Starfield: Location Insights (Developer...
  20. BlackKravitz

    CW Sony paga per non far arrivare un gioco Capcom sul pass

    https://twitter.com/Zig077/status/1384667532624240641?s=19 https://twitter.com/HoegLaw/status/1384697386073739264?s=19 [emoji599]#ResidentEvilVillage ne devrait pas arriver sur le #XboxGamePass avant minimum 1an. C'est ce que stipulerait l'accord confidentiel entre #Capcom et #SONY. #SONY...